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Protect America's Rescue Need Horses against Malicious Harm Today!

By Wild For Life Foundation - Saving America's Horses

The future of America’s endangered and "rescue need equines", their lives, their freedom from cruelty and our right to protect and defend them is at stake !

Help us defend and protect our mission to save, protect, preserve and defend America's horses from malicious harm, suffering, and threats of destruction today.


Legal Protection and Defense Fund: Tax deductible contributions support legal services which protect and defend WFLF and its Saving America's Horses lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF conducts today and every other day of the year.


At stake Right Now:

The future of America’s rescue animals’ lives, their freedom from cruelty and our right to protect and defend them is at stake right now. Our rights as an equine and animal loving community, and the very health, welfare and future of countless precious lives are threatened today! Numerous lives are at stake and will be imperiled if these malicious and wrongful actions are not stopped.

Funds raises will help us to protect our rights to carry out this important philanthropic and charitable work free from special interests bullying and without malicious disruption and threats of harm, and assure that these innocent animals will no longer exploited or used as pawns by persons or groups with self serving agendas.


"After confirming reports that badly emaciated and injured Mustangs were trapped in a feedlot about to be shipped for slaughter and without access to water or hay..."(Learn more)

CincoCinco, pictured here just after his rescue, shows you the state these helpless creatures were in before WFLF rescued them. There were more than 130 stranded Mustangs crammed together on a feedlot. Cinco, a new born foal languished, pinned beneath a fence post , trapped since birth and in severe distress. Cinco and the last of the surrendered survivors have fully recovered and are thriving as a result of WFLF's rescue and sanctuary mission – thanks to the continued support of people like you.

Countless horses were being indiscriminately bred and have reportedly suffered and died from colic and other conditions before we learned what was going on. Their previous owners came to us pleading for help, and we saved them all.

And now after three years, the previous owner; the one responsible for their sad faces and uncertain future, has summoned US to court in effort to get these last few thriving survivors back. We're not sure why - but we do know they are trying to erase the truth about the success of this monumental rescue mission. It's cost us over $150,000 to carry out this rescue mission and provide ongoing quality care and custody for these precious rescue equines since their arrival to our doors in mid 2014. And instead of thanking us, they're defaming us and demanding we give them money, WFLF property and the last 15 horses, including three of the foals who were born after their mothers arrived to our sanctuary.


Please rush your tax-deductible donation today to WFLF’s Legal Protection & Defense Fund. Ensure that justice will be served for animals like Cinco, who have no one but us to speak on their behalf.


Legal Protection & Defense Fund

Please help us put an end to these threats and malicious acts of harm that strip away compassion and support for the protection of America’s horses and burros today, before it's too late.

We need you now, more than ever, to be sure that animals like poor Cinco won’t be stripped away from his safe and loving home, so he won't EVER have to suffer or placed in harms way again.

About Saving America's Horses:

One of Wild for Life Foundation’s most celebrated and powerful educational programs is SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED, an international award winning feature documentary film promotes wild horse preservation initiatives, the prevention of equine cruelty, a federal ban on slaughter, the support of returning wild horse and burro populations to the wild and the provision of lifelong sanctuary for equines in need.

Now in our 10th year, the Wild For Life Foundation has built a solid reputation built on integrity, best practices and compassion. Since founding, WFLF has stepped-up in troubled times to save the lives of hundreds of helpless, victimized animals across the country. Recently however, there have been attempts by certain persons to bully and maliciously harm the Wild for Life Foundation, its mission to save and protect America's horses and burros and its rescue animals through wrongful and outrageous actions including cyberstalking, fraud, misrepresentation, defamation, trespassing, harassment, theft and a barrage of threats of harm to the very health, welfare and future of the innocent rescue horses and burros this charity so dutifully serves.

Please help us defend and protect these precious lives with an emergency donation to WFLF’s Legal Protection Fund today. Please click the donate button on this page to make a secure contribution!

Your donation to WFLF’s Legal Protection & Defense Fund today, as generous as you’re able in light of malicious and harmful threats and actions, will be utilized immediately for judicial relief. The secure "Donate" buttons on this page are the fastest way to donate – your gift will be available to WFLF in less than five minutes.

Protection and relief through the courts is pending ongoing litigation, but lives are at stake right now. We need you now, more than ever, to be sure that justice is served .

Please RUSH your tax-deductible donation to WFLF’s Legal Protection & Defense Fund. Ensure that justice will be served for these precious innocent animals who have no one but us to speak on their behalf.

From all of us at WFLF, Saving America's Horses and our Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, thank you for believing that every animal matters!

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Justice for Horses is a special project under Wild For Life Foundation's (WFLF) Legal Protection and Defense Fund. Please share a link to this lifesaving legal fund. www.justiceforhorses.org

Contributions to Wild for Life Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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